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Tips for Better iPhone Photography

  • Try a third party manual camera app like VSCOCam to give you better control of the camera. (These apps mimic the controls of actual cameras, so it's an especially good idea if you're interested in pursuing photography more seriously!)

  • Use the rule-of-thirds grid to help you frame your photos. (You can turn this on in Settings.)

  • Avoid using flash. Natural (daylight) is best but try experimenting with whatever lamps or lights are available to you.

  • Turn on HDR for better color/light range. This can be done from the Camera app.

  • Hold down your focal point on the screen (instead of just tapping) to lock the focus, so it doesn't keep changing.

  • Use the yellow slider that appears when you tap-to-focus to adjust the exposure (how much light the camera is getting.)

  • Take your photo with the volume button instead of tapping the screen, which may cause the camera to move or shake.

Self Portraits: HTML Embed

Here are some of my favorite selfies/self portraits-- from my girlhood up until now. (I'm particular fond of trying out costume makeup for my self portraits!)

age 22 / taken with Canon M50
age 17 / taken with iPhone4
age 19 / taken with Nikon COOLPIX L830
age 17 / taken with iPhone 4
age 22 / taken with Canon M50
age 16 / taken with iPhone 4
age 16 / taken with iPhone4
age 16 / taken with iPhone 4, edited with 5 different apps
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