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Girls as Change-Makers: DISCLAIMER!

Riot Grrrl: The '90s Movement that Redefined Punk

Riot Grrrl Activism through Art and Zines | ALIEN SHE AT YBCA

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Why zines?

Zines are not confined by respectability politics. Typos, “incorrect” grammar, and radical ideas have free reign in the world of the zine-- in fact, they are encouraged.  A zine can be about whatever subject its creator decides upon, or it may contain a variety of subjects and writing styles within the same issue. Zines can include personal essays, political discussions, fiction, craft or do-it-yourself advice, articles about music or movies, comics, poetry, reviews – anything under the sun, really. Zines are personal and idiosyncratic. The best thing about zines is this: There are no rules. 

Why make your own?

To see your work in print. To collaborate with other artists. To share what you created. To encourage others to be creative. To find and connect with other people who have similar interests. To get mail. To make new friends. To create the publication you always wished existed. To share information. To educate. To change people’s minds. To teach yourself something new. To get something off your chest. To make yourself a better writer or artist.

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Digital formatting and publishing tool / can be used with digital images or scans of handmade pages.

A zine produced with my peers at UA / handmade, but digitally formatted with FlipHTML5

Super in depth resource guide on zines-- including history, creation, and distribution

**content warning**  A handmade zine about mental illness, sex, relationships, finding support, and hope / formatted to be printed

Nitty gritty technical tips written wayyyyy back in 1995!

A free online feminist zine including art & writing submissions from girls all over / this particular issue is on love & survival

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