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Hi there! My name is Annabeth Mellon, and I'm a current senior at UA. As a member of the New College program, I am designing a major in Gender and Media Studies.

These lessons are part of my Capstone Research Project for New College. I hope to enter the media production industry, and I am particularly interested in children's media. However, I am bothered at how little say children have in the media that is created for them. The goal of this project is for me to discover whether the raw creativity of a child can be used to develop an animated film-- one that is for kids, from the ideas of kids. I also have a strong passion for education, so my second goal is to provide a unique learning experience for children which will allow them to express themselves, learn about media, and think critically about the issues that affect them every day.

I have two advisors for this project, Dr. Catherine Roach and Dr. Barbara Brickman. Dr. Roach is my academic advisor who has helped me build my program of study. Dr. Brickman is the director of the Druid City Girls Media Camp, for which I have interned for two years, helping her develop curriculum and teaching middle school girls how to make movies. I've also worked with Dr. Brickman to provide media production education to local elementary-aged children.

More information about the lessons I've designed can be found on the lesson's individual page below. Thank you for your interest in my project!

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Critical thinking, creativity, and imagination

Storytelling, creativity, and media literacy

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