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Lesson 1
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Lesson 1: Boys and Girls in Movies: Video

Boys and Girls in Movies

Learning Objectives

Students will begin thinking about portrayals of boys and girls in their favorite movies and become aware of differences in these portrayals, developing critical thinking skills as they sort, categorize, and analyze the characters from media which they consume.

Students will exercise creativity and storytelling skills. They will begin using their imagination to move from viewers, listeners, and consumers of stories so that they may become storytellers themselves.

Materials Needed

  • Art supplies - such as paper, crayons, markers, etc.

  • A white board, large easel, or other way to take notes with your student.

Purpose for Research Project

From this lesson, I will learn how young children are perceiving and understanding their own gender via the media which they consume. One of my goals as a media-maker is to produce content which is beneficial for all children, especially in terms of gender representation, so it is important for me to know what young children are learning about gender from movies and how those lessons make them feel.

This activity will also give students the opportunity to create their own movie character. My goal is to use the characters created by students to create character concepts for a full-length animated film.

Lesson 1: Boys and Girls in Movies: FAQ
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