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the caretaker

sul sul! you can call me sleepy, and i am a brandi broke apologist.

i'm a 25-year-old disabled multimedia artist based in the Southeast US. i've been playing the sims since the relase of TS2, and i love this game more than life itself. by day, i work in casting for film and television, and on the weekends i make colorful and silly art. for pretty much all hours in between, i am using the sims as a medium to design characters and write stories. 

if you are interested in my non-sims art, i'm flattered! i do have a website for that art, but since this site is publicly linked to my reddit i'm not super gung-ho about linking to it here. you probably CAN find my art site with some smart googling, but if you're interested in reaching out to me as an artist and not a simmer, feel free to use the email address below :)


reddit: u/oneironauticaobscura

PROFILE: sleepy

gender: ???

age: young adult

occult: plantsim

zodiac: pisces

ts4 career: art critic

ts2 career: show business

ts4 traits:



animal enthusiast


ts2 personality:

neat 6

shy 3

lazy 5

playful 5

nice 6

ts4 aspiration: renaissance sim

ts2 aspiration: knowledge + pleasure

home turf: pleasantview

fave ts2 premades: brandi broke, angela pleasant, lilith pleasant, brandi broke, olive specter, ophelia nigmos, all the summerdreams, kaylynn langerak, crystal vu, brandi letourneau, PT9, dustin broke

fave ts4 premades: morgan fyres, ulrike faust, cecilia kang, michael bell, all the volkovs, ash harjo, molly prescott

full list of mods i use + favorite cc creators coming soon!!


baby sleepy at the family computer, dreaming about lilith pleasant


approximation of sleepy's current form

Screen Shot 12-11-23 at 01_edited.png
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