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Sims 4 legacy stories from a gal still living in web 2.0

simetery (n.) a place to gather and remember the lives and deaths of sims generations past

sul sul! welcome to the sleepiest simetery on the web. i'm sleepy, a 25-year-old simmer who has been playing this stupid game for two decades.

when i was a literal child, the sims 2 was everything to me. the aesthetic, the interface, the all lived in my head rent-free and it continues to influence me as an artist and storyteller in surprising ways. 

i've recently decided to tap back into my inner child while playing the sims 4, and for me, that means giving my all to the in-game creation process + allowing myself to create complicated lore in order to build a more compelling story. i have never had so much fun with the game.

as fun as it's been doing this on my own, my heart aches for the old sims 2 forums, where people shared galleries of their own legacies and gameplay. i was too young to properly participate when it was happening, but i ate it up, and i aspired to be a cool successful 26-generation-strong legacy simmer. this site is my attempt at recreating the magical world of the old sims 2 forums, as well as to share to my sims stories with anyone who cares to read!

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veena fredishay?

hey you made it to the bottom of my page!! that's neat. if you too are nostalgic for the UI and gaming community of a web long gone OR if you have your own Sims lore you're wayyyy too invested in, PLEASE feel free to drop me a line!! i'm active in many online sims communities but have ZERO sims friends whose stories i am invested in. i WANT to hear about your sims!!

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badeesh, whippna choba dog!

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