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PROFILE: Ixie Goth-Hollow

Updated: Jan 15

Also known as: Prince Ixie, Ixie de Legba

Age: Immortal

Occult: Vampire Spellcaster

Zodiac: Taurus

Traits: Family-Oriented, Hot-Headed, Loyal, Serial Killer, Monarch, Mastermind, Inspired Explorer, Carefree, Iceproof, Voodoo Witch, Compassionate, Responsible, Happy Infant, Happy Child, Psychic, Treader of the Occult, Needs No One, Storm Chaser, Quick Learner, Dastardly

Groups: Hollow Practitioners, Renegades (formerly)

Occupation: Crowned Ruler of Forgotten Hollow

Talents: Charisma, Programming

Weaknesses: Handiness, Logic

Important Relationships: Blakeley Hollow-Keller (mother), Papa Legba (father), Lee Keller (raised as brother), Cheyenne Power (partner), Narcissus de Legba (ward), Lulabelle de Legba (ward), Anna Power-Hollow (daughter), Julia Power-Hollow (daughter), Rick Power (son), Severt Goth (employee/cousin), Lady Miru (ally)

Vampiric Offspring: Cheyenne Power, Severt Goth, Morgan Fyres, Ulrike Munch

Former Cattle: Angelus Hudson, Liliana Anthony, Katy Ortiz, more...

Legacy-de-Legba-Family-Tree-15-Jan-2024 (1)
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