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PROFILE: Lulabelle de Legba

Updated: Jan 15

Also known as: Lady Lulabelle de Legba

Age: Immortal (Teen)

Occult: Vampire

Zodiac: Pisces

Traits: Goody Two-Shoes, Insider, Independent, Relatable, Jester, Socially Gifted, Happy Infant

Groups: Narc's Gaming Squad, Avant Gardes

Occupation: High School Student, Chess Club Captain

Talents: Gardening, Fishing, Charisma

Weaknesses: Fitness, Singing

Important Relationships: Papa Legba (father), Cadence McCartney (mother), Julia McCartney-Hollow (sister), Narcissus de Legba (half-brother), Ixie Goth-Hollow (half-brother, guardian), Robyn Kang (cousin), Severt Goth (cousin/nanny)

Legacy-de-Legba-Family-Tree-15-Jan-2024 (2)
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