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STORY UPDATE: Welcome to Legacy de Legba (Gen 5.5)

sul sul! i've been building this webiste with character bios and reference guides for a little bit of time now, and i've decided there's no time like the present to start documenting the lives of my silly lil legacy. due to some major life changes, i've been unmotivated to play the game for the past month or so, but i'm finally back in the swing of it! so, at last, our story begins...

Allow me to set the scene.

A large palace has been built in Forgotten Hollow, and Prince Ixie has dethroned Count Vlad as top vampire in the land. Using the powerful voodoo magic he inherited from his father, Ixie has made himself crown ruler of Forgotten Hollow. He is also the leader of a new offshoot of voodoo known as the Hollow Practitioners. Ixie is a powerful demigod of chaos and pleasure, but generally speaking a nice guy, and the people of Forgotten Hollow are more or less happy with him in charge.

More important than his roles as ruler and prophet, Ixie is a family man. In the palace, he's raising his teen half-siblings, as well as his two young daughters. (We'll meet each of these kiddos one by one, so don't get overwhelmed yet!)

Picking up the story on a typical winter night, everyone in the house is asleep but for Ixie and Lulabelle. One of the teen half-siblings, Lulabelle is a goody two-shoes who has trouble making friends. She was turned into a vampire against her will, and she has a strained

relationship with her and Ixie's ousted father. She's a sweetie pie though. Absolute angel.

Unable to sleep, Lulabelle stays up practicing her chess. She's working very hard to become captain of the team. Ixie had been hiding away studying parenting skills online, but saw an opportunity to be a better parent in a more hands-on way. He plays chess with Lula, and they share a nice quiet moment together.

Eventually, Lulabelle and Ixie both lie down for some restless vampiric slumber. As the sun begins to rise, the youngest of the family, little Julia begins her day bright and early.

Julia would rather talk to plants than people. She respectfully withdrew herself from school at a very young age, and she's just so precocious that the adults just let her do it. She's a sweet girl, but extremely self-sufficient.

So self-sufficient, in fact, that she's teaching ME new things. I learned through this one that Sims are able to keep watching the TV while they mop the floor. Neat! Very in character for Julia.

You may be wondering why poor Julia is left having to do the cleaning in such a grand palace. SURELY the Legacy de Legba has some hired help! Well, they do. But, god, good help can be hard to find. Before retiring for bed, Ixie used his vampire-spellcaster powers to command the family's live-in nanny Severt to repair the various appliances that had been damaged by the manor's ghosts. (There's like 12 pieces of plumbing total in the palace, and when they ALL get broken by ghosts at once...oof.) He then used his spooky powers to command one of the ghosts to go behind Severt and clean. You know what those two jokers were up to instead though?

Yeah, so you can't trust the help to do anything around here.

Oh well, it's time for the rest of the kiddos to start getting ready for school, and it's time for Julia to go hide and avoid people.

Julia's half-sister Anna is less of a morning person. She's rough around the edges and still finding herself, and but looooooord does she have personality.

Meanwhile, Lulabelle may have been up late, but she woke up early enough before school to pick some plasmafruit. She's JUST discovered this delicacy growing on a tree just off their palace grounds, and it's currently her favorite little secret. It's SO easy to tell Ixie she's going off to hunt in the morning before school, and no one in the family has to know that she's not acting like a "real" vampire...

Now to the kid you haven't met yet!

Meet Lulabelle's twin brother Narcissus. He's an absolute little shit, and we love him. He barely wakes up early enough for school, and then he spends the morning free period punching out his anger. Otherwise, he would just smoke weed in the school basement, and he's on much too thin ice to keep doing that.

While Narc is busy getting his feelings out in the gym, Lula is outside with the cool kids. High school has been painful for her so far (socially speaking) but she recently won Prom Jester and has really come out of her shell. After a failed romance attempt with her tragically straight friend Cristal, Lula starts to catch feelings for the most popular girl in school.

I left them alone for two seconds and they ended up messing around in the shower. I guess it's going well!

Some guys support their siblings by being the world's best wingman. Narc shows he cares by making moves on straight Cristal (who rejected Lulabelle) with the absolute intention to seduce her, break her heart, and maybe suck her blood. Who knows what for sure he has planned? It's always something.

Okay one more cute update from Lulabelle. This selfie she took in the girls' batrhoom with Luna is SO cute and SO high school!!!

Other than that, it was a pretty typical school day. Sims these days smh.

After school, Lula invited her new gal pal over to the palace to play some vidya games along with her best friend Morgan.

When there's no plasmafruit available, friends let friends drink their blood. Lula will only drink from a select few humans who give her full consent. It's kind of a weirdly sweet thing they have going on.

Honestly, it feels a little gay on Morgan's part...

While the kids are busy being kids, Ixie returns to the palace after a long day of trying to convert people to his weird religion. After work, he spends some time in his late mother's memorial room.

Her spirit has been forever released to the Netherworld, but Ixie is a powerful enough medium that he's sometimes still able to speak to her.

Meanwhile, little Anna is also home from school, and she's desperately trying to get her grades up. If her father is too busy speaking to dead people to help her, and their nanny Severt is absolutely useless, WHO is going to watch over the poor child while she completes her schoolwork!?

Oh, of course. The unofficial member of the family, Bonehilda. She's VERY popular with the kiddos...

Narcissus??? I didn't even know skeletons had plasma??

Bonehilda is literally his favorite plasma flavor. I blame the drugs.

Well, with that, it's getting late, and all the Legba kids are winding down for the night. Once the moon is high and all (or most) of the kids are in bed, it's time for a sacred meeting of the Hollow pracitioners. I wonder what eclectic rituals they will be engaging in...

Well, this is new, but it's not unexpected. Ixie's always got interesting ways of testing the loyalty/quality of new coven members. He's REALLY getting to know this guy.

Wow, Ixie, what an incredible way to end this gaming session for me. Truly, you are full of surprises, my prince.

And with that, I bid my Simmies adieu. To be continued!

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